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Invest in yourself

When you go to the university and you pay for those studies, or maybe your parents do, you study hard because you want to graduate and get a job.

But then, you get the job and you stop paying for courses or training, because you believe it should be your company who pays for all YOUR own development training.

I capitalize YOUR, because it is YOU who will train, it is YOU who will develop, it is YOU who will get to become better and YOU, not your company, are your own best asset.

I love a story that Brian Tracy mentions in his book:


He says that a guy went to one of his seminars and told him that he applied what Brian said a few years back. That when he was making 20,000 dollars a year, he started investing 3% in his education, be it audio books, tapes, books, conferences and so forth.

The guy continued on saying that his salary then increased to 30,000 dollars a year, meaning a 50% percent raise. He invested 3% of this which is 900 dollars and his salary went up to 50,000 a year.

And he thought to himself, if my salary almost doubled by just investing 3% on my education, what would happen if I invested 10% and so he did, next year he paid 5,000 dollars in training and self-development and as expected his salary skyrocketed to 100,000 dollars per year.

So, Brian Tracy stopped him at some point and asked him, so how much money are you making now after investing 10% of your salary each year and the guy replied by saying: I have since passed the one million dollars a year and I still find a way to spend 10% in my personal development, training and education.

This is just one case of how important and crucial education is in our lives. I love to hear Bill Gates saying that he does some UDEMY courses from time to time just to keep himself informed and up to date.

Do not wait for others (companies) to determine how much knowledge and training you can get, invest in yourself and reap the benefits.

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